Time for a Chemical Peel

10-08-2018 : 10:46 am

Time for a Chemical PeelIs your skin looking and feeling dry after a summer in the sun?  Maybe you’re seeing a little more hyperpigmentation or an overall uneven skin tone or texture?  I offer a variety of chemical peels to resolve those issues and more.  Fall is the perfect time to try a chemical peel or start a series.  Start now and you could have healthy, glowing skin for those holiday photos. (more…)

Microdermabrasion Delivers Instant GratificationMicrodermabrasion offers instant gratification with little or no downtime.  Your skin is immediately softer and smoother with a more even texture.  Your skin care serums will penetrate more easily and your makeup will go on more smoothly.

Microdermabrasion stimulates blood flow, which increases the nutrition delivered to skin cells.   This, in turn, improves cell production, which improves skin’s elasticity and texture.


Summer Skincare

06-06-2018 : 3:58 pm

Summer Skincare Summer doesn’t officially start until June 21. But, here in Oklahoma, it’s felt like summer for several weeks now. Your skincare needs can change with the seasons.

I hope you’re wearing sunscreen year round but now that it’s warmer out you may need a water-resistant sunscreen for relaxing at the lake, sweating while working hard in the yard or exercising outdoors.  Also, don’t forget to reapply every 2 hours or after swimming.


Are You Seeing Spots?

02-08-2018 : 4:35 pm

Are You Seeing Spots?Spots are cute on puppies but not on your skin!  I can help you get rid of those unwanted spots.

What are all these spots anyway?


Skin Tags– A skin tag is a small growth that usually occurs in areas of friction or where the skin creases such as the neck or underarm area.  Skin tags are generally thought to be hereditary.  Skin tags are harmless but can be annoying especially on the neck where shirt collars can rub and necklaces can get caught on them.


Benefits of a Chemical Peel

10-24-2017 : 11:43 am

Benefits of a Chemical PeelThe season is changing and so is your skin.  Fall is a great time to consider getting a professional chemical peel.

Exfoliation comes in all shapes and sizes.  Scrubs, loofahs and pastes are all options but one modality whose results never let us down professionally is a chemical exfoliation, commonly known as a “peel”.  Whether it’s lactic,  mandelic or salicylic acid, or even a potent blended enzyme, a superficial chemical peel is a trusted approach for acne reduction, the minimization of fine lines or simply restoring a healthy glow. (more…)

Get Rezenerated

10-03-2017 : 3:40 pm

Rezenerate keeps you on top of your smart-aging game.  The 21st century has made looking your best easier than ever- without scalpels, without needles and without downtime.

We are excited to offer the non-invasive smart-aging treatment Rezenerate, a stimulating treatment designed to smooth, hydrate, brighten and nourish your skin. (more…)

Your First Acne Treatment- What to ExpectI get a lot of calls asking what to expect during an acne treatment so I thought it would be helpful to give potential clients more detailed information.

On your first visit you will fill out a questionnaire and we’ll discuss what you are currently doing as well as what you have tried in the past to clear your skin.  I will examine your skin and we’ll discuss the treatment options.   (more…)

Body Acne - Treatment and PreventionThis is the season for swim suits and tank tops.  This can be a frustrating and embarrassing time of the year for those suffering from body acne.

While body acne can be tricky to treat a few lifestyle changes and the right topical products can leave you with smooth blemish free skin.  Many people shower only once a day but in order to effectively treat body acne you need a consistent routine of cleansing and applying topical products both morning and evening.

The most common areas for body acne are the chest and back. Another problem area for women is where the band of your bra rests, especially if you perspire a lot. The chest is usually treated more similar to the face while the back can typically handle stronger treatments both in office and at home.  The products that cleared your facial acne will not always work to clear your body acne.

Treating Acne with Antibiotics: Dangerous and UnnecessaryA disturbing trend has taken root in recent years as many dermatologists have started to prescribe antibiotics as the first course of action in the treatment of acne. Not only is this unnecessary, long-term use of these antibiotics can trigger long-term side-effects. To help you understand the dangers, let’s explore potential problems associated with antibiotic use for clearing acne. (more…)

June is Acne Awareness Month

06-08-2017 : 4:40 pm

June is Acne Awareness MonthDid you know that acne is the most common skin disorder in the United States? Over 40 million people of all ages and genders are affected by some form of acne annually and nearly 85% of people between 12 and 24 years old experience some form of acne. Because the issue is so widespread, June has been named National Acne Awareness Month. (more…)