Time for a Chemical Peel

Time for a Chemical PeelIs your skin looking and feeling dry after a summer in the sun?  Maybe you’re seeing a little more hyperpigmentation or an overall uneven skin tone or texture?  I offer a variety of chemical peels to resolve those issues and more.  Fall is the perfect time to try a chemical peel or start a series.  Start now and you could have healthy, glowing skin for those holiday photos.

Chemical peels don’t have to be scary.  When applied by a properly trained professional chemical peels are, in fact, very safe.  I am always continuing my education to learn more about the latest peel techniques to give you the best results without damaging your skin.

Chemical peels provide a deeper exfoliation than the scrubs and mild acids used at home.  This deeper exfoliation will reveal brighter, clearer, smoother skin, stimulate collagen and soften fine lines.  Your skin will feel softer and look healthier.

Chemical peels are not just for the face, they are also great for treating acne or hyperpigmentation on the back and chest.

I have a wide variety of peels to choose from and I work with you to choose the best one based on your skin concerns and skin type.  Another consideration I will discuss with you is the amount of downtime, if any, with each peel.   A lot of downtime is not required to see benefits.

Best results are achieved when you follow proper home care instructions afterward such as avoiding the sun during the healing time and continuing to wear sunscreen daily.

If you’re not ready to jump right in with your first chemical peel I also offer milder enzyme peels.

Contact Us today and I’ll help you decide what’s best for your skin.

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