Treating Acne with Antibiotics: Dangerous and Unnecessary

Treating Acne with Antibiotics: Dangerous and UnnecessaryA disturbing trend has taken root in recent years as many dermatologists have started to prescribe antibiotics as the first course of action in the treatment of acne. Not only is this unnecessary, long-term use of these antibiotics can trigger long-term side-effects. To help you understand the dangers, let’s explore potential problems associated with antibiotic use for clearing acne.

  • MRSA Risk – Over time, the overuse of antibiotics has led to antibiotic resistance by the superbug MRSA. It is believed that one of the main contributors to this resistance is the prescribing of antibiotics as an acne treatment. This is important because MRSA can lead to death and no longer can be treated with most antibiotics.
  • Cold Risk – Antibiotic use can affect both good and harmful bacteria within the body. By using them as a treatment option, you are more likely to suffer from an increase in common viral infections as the body’s beneficial bacteria is taken away. In fact, a study from the September 2005 Archives of Dermatology found that the risk of catching a cold is more than twice as likely.
  • Breast Cancer Risk – Heavy use of antibiotics may also increase the risk of developing breast cancer in women as reported in a study by the Journal of the American Medical Association. In this particular study, 10,000 women were studied for 8 years. The women who took the highest antibiotics for the longest periods were two times more likely to develop breast cancer as opposed to those who didn’t.
  • Incomplete Treatment – Antibiotics are not effective at controlling acne long term because acne is not rooted in bacterial problems. This type of treatment does nothing to address the underlying cause of dead skin cells within the pores. This means that even with all of the bacteria removed, your acne problem would still exist.

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