Summer Skincare

Summer Skincare Summer doesn’t officially start until June 21. But, here in Oklahoma, it’s felt like summer for several weeks now. Your skincare needs can change with the seasons.

I hope you’re wearing sunscreen year round but now that it’s warmer out you may need a water-resistant sunscreen for relaxing at the lake, sweating while working hard in the yard or exercising outdoors.  Also, don’t forget to reapply every 2 hours or after swimming.

If your skin tends to be oily the Oklahoma humidity can make it seem even oilier.  If this is the case you may need a lighter moisturizer and/or a more matte sunscreen for summer.

Swimming in chlorine is one thing that can dry out your skin, taking antihistamines for those summer allergies is another.  If you notice your skin getting drier you may need a richer moisturizer or a hydrating serum in addition to your usual moisturizer.

If your body feels dry from excess sun and chlorine don’t forget to shower as soon as you can after swimming and use a good body cream.

I sometimes see acne clients who have been clear start to break out a bit more in the summer. This is usually caused by the humidity and getting hot and perspiring more often.  If you are acne prone it’s important to change out of sweaty clothing and shower or wash your face right away.  Sometimes we also need to increase the strength of your home care products for summer.

Clients often ask if they can still get chemical peels in the summer.  I don’t usually recommend mid-depth or deeper peels during the summer unless you’re someone who doesn’t spend time outdoors. The mild peels that I use on acne clients can still be done in the summer as long as you avoid direct sun for a few days and as always – wear sunscreen.

If you have any questions about how you might need to adjust your home care or treatments for summer contact us today.

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