Your First Acne Treatment – What to Expect

Your First Acne Treatment- What to ExpectI get a lot of calls asking what to expect during an acne treatment so I thought it would be helpful to give potential clients more detailed information.

On your first visit you will fill out a questionnaire and we’ll discuss what you are currently doing as well as what you have tried in the past to clear your skin.  I will examine your skin and we’ll discuss the treatment options.  

I will usually do a mild chemical peel, or sometimes an enzyme if your skin is dry or sensitive.  The peels I use for acne treatments will usually not result in much noticeable peeling.  Your skin may feel a little dry and tight for a few days and there may be some flaking like you would have with dry skin.  I will also do extractions as needed.  I always finish the treatment with the application of an acne safe SPF.

During the treatment, I will test your skin for sensitivity and determine what products to recommend for home care.  The recommended home care products are essential for success.  Getting an acne treatment and then not following with proper home care will have very little long term benefit.  What you do at home on a daily basis is actually even MORE important than what I do in treatments.

After your treatment, we will go over your home care routine as well as information on diet and lifestyle changes that you may need to make.  You will get a folder with all the information to take home and I will answer any questions you may have.

Treatments are recommended every 2 weeks until you are mostly clear, which is usually around 3-4 months.  As your skin gets clear treatments will be further apart.  We will adjust your home care products as needed.  You need to be on products just strong enough to get you clear without causing excessive dryness.

If I can answer any other questions or if you’re ready to get started clearing your skin contact us today.

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