Body Acne – Treatment and Prevention

Body Acne - Treatment and PreventionThis is the season for swim suits and tank tops.  This can be a frustrating and embarrassing time of the year for those suffering from body acne.

While body acne can be tricky to treat a few lifestyle changes and the right topical products can leave you with smooth blemish free skin.  Many people shower only once a day but in order to effectively treat body acne you need a consistent routine of cleansing and applying topical products both morning and evening.

The most common areas for body acne are the chest and back. Another problem area for women is where the band of your bra rests, especially if you perspire a lot. The chest is usually treated more similar to the face while the back can typically handle stronger treatments both in office and at home.  The products that cleared your facial acne will not always work to clear your body acne.

Inflamed body acne can be caused or made worse by your diet, particularly dairy products including whey protein.

A few other factors that may be contributing to your body acne:

  • Working out or sweating excessively and waiting to shower – Try to shower as soon after you work out as you can.  If you can’t shower right away use an acne safe wipe to remove the sweat and change into clean, dry clothes.  Target unscented baby wipes and Costco Kirkland baby wipes are both currently safe but always check ingredients as they may change.
  • Fabric softeners and fragranced laundry detergents – Some artificial fragrances can cause irritation and make existing acne worse. Fabric softeners leave a coating on fabrics that can also be a problem for acne.  Use fragrance-free laundry soap and skip the fabric softener.
  • Fragranced body products – All those wonderful smelling body washes and lotions may be contributing to your body acne as well.  You can still use those products, just keep them away from any acne prone areas.
  • Pore clogging ingredients in sunscreen – This is no excuse to skip the SPF just make sure your choose one free of pore cloggers.  I recommend and sell SolRx Matte Zinc SPF 50 as a water resistant, acne safe option for the body.
  • Massage Oil or Lotion – Everyone loves a good massage but you want to make sure your therapist is using an acne safe oil or lotion.  Pure jojoba oil is a good option but I still recommend showering as soon after your massage as possible.

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