Benefits of a Chemical Peel

Benefits of a Chemical PeelThe season is changing and so is your skin.  Fall is a great time to consider getting a professional chemical peel.

Exfoliation comes in all shapes and sizes.  Scrubs, loofahs and pastes are all options but one modality whose results never let us down professionally is a chemical exfoliation, commonly known as a “peel”.  Whether it’s lactic,  mandelic or salicylic acid, or even a potent blended enzyme, a superficial chemical peel is a trusted approach for acne reduction, the minimization of fine lines or simply restoring a healthy glow.

Why Peel?  It sounds drastic!

Gentle scrubs are great for home use but bigger rejuvenating results call for a stronger medium.    While your results are significant, the process is extremely safe!  Peels come in varying strengths and serve multiple purposes, what they really do is dissolve the older, stubborn skin cells that are holding on making your face appear dull and tired.

Will I actually peel?  How much?

The peels are customized to your skin type and condition.  Certain peels will typically cause more shedding than others and the amount of peeling will vary somewhat from one person to another.  Peeling can be minimal or it can be quite noticeable depending on the type of peel and the strength.  Lack of noticeable peeling, however, does not mean you won’t see results.

How will I look immediately after a chemical peel?

That depends….I will look at your skin and we’ll decide together what would be best for you and how much, if any, downtime you’re comfortable with.  I have a variety of peels from lactic to TCA that can be used alone or layered.  With milder peels, you’ll look refreshed with no redness.  With a stronger peel, you may be pink or even red immediately after.  Within the first 24-48 hours, you may feel tight and somewhat dry.  The dead skin will usually begin shedding on the 3rd or 4th day.  Peeling will typically last 4-7 days depending on the peel.  With some peels, specific home care is required during the peeling process.  I always recommend a daily application of SPF, this is especially important after a peel.

How many peels will I need?

While you will see results from one peel optimal results are seen with a series spaced several weeks apart.  The stronger the peel the fewer you will usually need to achieve the desired results.  You can maintain those results with the proper home care and skin treatments such as a facial, Rezenerate or OxyGeneo every 4-5 weeks.

Benefits of a Chemical Peel

  • Reduces hyper pigmentation by speeding up cell turnover
  • Deep, yet safe exfoliation that gradually reveals brighter, smoother skin.
  • Skin firming and stimulation of collagen to rejuvenate the skin and minimize fine lines.
  • Eliminating dead, dry skin cells allows for the enhanced penetration of anti-aging products.

Just as the trees are shedding their leaves fall is a great time to shed those old, dead skin cells.

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  1. Hopefully, my acne will be reduced using a chemical peel treatment. I like that the process is extremely safe so that I can finally have clear skin. Since peeling can depend on the type of the peel strength I will get, I will probably try milder peels before moving on to something stronger.

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