Reveal Clear, Healthy Skin Today

Reveal Clear, Healthy Skin TodayWe know acne can be difficult for anyone at any age to deal with. It’s hard to feel like your most vibrant, confident self when you’re worried about the way you look. And acne is a difficult problem to tackle on your own. Each person is unique and so is their skin—which makes trying to treat acne with one-size-fits-all products off a drugstore shelf a difficult and often disappointing task. Many people get frustrated trying to treat their own acne and end up spending lots of time and money on products that don’t help and might even damage your skin.

At Reveal Clear Skin, we offer a customized approach to clearing acne for each customer. We don’t try to treat you and your skin the same way as every other customer and their skin. Licensed aesthetician and owner of Reveal Salon & Aesthetics, Nicole McGinnis, will create a custom plan made just for you, to clear your acne. These treatments include a variety of cutting-edge and innovative skin treatments, such as chemical peels, enzyme peels, extractions and a personalized home-care routine to maintain your progress in between visits.

We want to help you look and feel your best in a healthy way that provides lasting improvements to your skin. That’s why we never use Accutane, which can be extremely dangerous, both physical and mentally. We can help you find a safe, reliable way to transform your skin without the harmful side-effects of this drug.

Reveal Salon & Aesthetics also offers a wide variety of other services, from microdermabrasion and custom corrective facials to eyebrow and eyelash tinting. We also offer custom-blended mineral foundations for all skin types which is acne-safe and actually good for your skin, unlike many other types of foundation. If you’re ready to be acne free and to start looking and feeling your best, contact the experts at Reveal Salon & Aesthetics today to get started on revealing your clear, healthy skin.

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